Halloween bows the bow mine

Deluxe Halloween Stripes

24 bows  

$24.00 reg.    


Themed Variety Pack

This is a great variety pack of mixed bow styles

including Large , med, and small bows

Reg $ 24.00         

Halloween Sampler Pack

26 medium and small bow


Great price 


Reg. $24.00


Li'l Girl Variety pack in halloween colors

Prints may vary from bag to bag , but all packs will

reflect Halloween.

These cute  packs contain

50 assorted small bows.

 Regular  $24.00


Halloween Party Bows 


These Bows are super cute. Party Bows are a mixture of bowties and Deluxe made out of  assorted Halloween colors and Prints.They are packaged 24 in a bag.


$28.00 reg.

halloween Party Bows

 Carnations  ( 20 per bag)  $24.00

Mini Carnations ( 20 per bag )  $20.00

Deluxe ( 24 per bag )  $20.00

Mini Deluxe ( 30 per bag )  $20.00

Swiss dot mini deluxe are no longer available


The Bow Mine
Creative and Unique Grooming Bows
made for the
Professional Groomer

Please do not copy any bows from this site.
Prices subject to change without notice.
As with any small item our grooming bows are not meant to be played with or eaten by pets or small children.


 Please feel free to browse our site for pictures and prices.
Contact us for orders and shipping info. 727-312-3736 EST.

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